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Below contains a sample of the SEO Location 1st Page Results demonstrating the sheer might of our Location programme. A combination of content and SEO strategies is putting you in many first page ranks

 SE Location Results

Seo Location is an advanced Search Engine Optimisation productdesigned to attract visitors to a specific service within a specific area.  The science of SEO Location works precisely with search engine algorithms and their requirements.  You benefit from both added content in your site and some top SEO tweaks within your website. This is a really powerful supplement to online marketing so by picking this product under the correct set of circumstances (as advised by Bramble) you will receive ranks way above a traditional SEO campaign offered by most SEO companies.  Please contact us to find out if you currently have the correct set of circumstance to really benefit from SEO Location.  If you dont, we will also manufacture this foundation to make sure you do as part of the service.



SE Location Time PlanFinding you clients who want your service ... NOW!


Copywriters and Designers.

Within the first week, your chosen locations and key-phrases are processed by both the Copywriting team and the Designers.  The copywriters create unique content about your services for development.  The content is written in such a way that is advantageous to Google.  The designers take the colour scheme and format of your website and create a customised SE Location module to suit.  Both Copywriting and Designs are presented to you for sign off.


Development and Testing.

In Week two and after approvals from Week 1, the developers take the SELocation briefs setup by your account manager and begin coding the SELocation module, directly into your website.  The pages are all checked for functionality and the key components to why SELocation works well are checked prior to the official launch.


Results and Local Phone Calls.

In week 3 we begin optimisation works to ensure the Search Engines find the content you need them to find.  And with an impressive track record of success, your phones will ring with clients looking for your services in your chosen locations.  The results can take a couple of weeks but what we are finding is normally they are active by week 4-5.  By week 6 your newly formed dominance online will have settled.

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