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1. Your business website isn’t generating leads or sales. If so, you have a major problem. Business websites shouldn’t be a vanity exercise. They should bring sales or at the very least generate leads.
2. Your website is costing you the earth. Possibly because you have to pay a designer/developer every time you need to edit something.  This is what is all about.  We design websites you control to save you money.
3. Your competition websites are better. Stop being in denial — do your competitors’ websites put your site to shame? Are they winning work from you as a result?
4. Your website consists of outdated or inaccurate info. This could be things you no longer sell, contact details of ex-staff members, long neglected news or redundant links. It looks unprofessional. And if you omit information about your full range of products or services you could be losing sales.
5. You’re embarrassed to promote your web address. Perhaps you resist telling customers about it or try to soften the humiliation with excuses (“It’s not very good. We’re thinking about changing it, it needs updating…”). You might even deliberately omit your web address from your emails, business stationery, leaflets, etc. All are missed opportunities.
6. Your web design is pretty POOR.  Too many unassociated styles; too many fonts and colours, outdated widget choices; and poor photographs. Clip art, visitor counters and ‘muzak’ are all giving the impression that it was setup in the year 2000.
7. Your website generates irrelevant enquiries. Either by email, phone, by account createion or in person, having to handle people who won’t purchase just wastes your time. This can happen if your website is not representing your business as you would in person.
8. Your website puzzles/loses visitors. Potential customers must be able to find the information/products they seek within a few clicks. Pages taking forever to load will also work against you. Your site navigation must be quick and logical, with pages containing clear calls to action.
9. Your website ignores online networking sites. Your website should encourage vistors to spread the word Google +, Facebook, Twitter and other popular networking websites.
10. Your website doesn’t show up in popular search engines.
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